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Services For Existing Owners Corporations

If you are looking for a change in your Owners Corporation Management then look no further. 

Fawkner May offers a complete OCM service allowing you to focus on your own priorities.  We are proud to offer you:

Peace-Of-Mind Commitment

A commitment to ensuring peace-of-mind so that at all times the Owners Corporation is legally compliant and adopts best practice.

Unequalled Service

Easy to say but we achieve this by:

  • Having a low number of properties managed by each member of the Fawkner May team.
  • Process & check lists to streamline the management process.

A Collaborative Approach to Managing the Owners Corporation

  • We will offer solutions and resolutions to issues, not just a statement of what the issues are.
  • We will give you our view on an issue but will respect the right of the Owners Corporation to choose the outcome.

Managing Your Money

  • Every Owners Corporation has its own bank account.
  • Invoices for goods and services are only paid when they have been accepted by the Building Manager and then approved by a member of the committee.
  • All financial records are available to be viewed online 24/7.

Managing Your Data

Fawkner May uses the StrataMaster system.  Your Owners Corporation records are stored in state-of-the-art secure facilities within the Chill IT Data Centre.  These facilities include server redundancy, automated on-site power backup, multiple firewalls, daily server administration & monitoring and daily off-site backup of all data.

Agreed Management Services

Find out what's included as part of our agreement and what extra services we can offer if needed.

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Fees & Charges

Click here to learn more about the bottom line and how we can ensure your peace-of-mind.

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